The Lin & Aaron Foundation


The Mission

The mission of The Lin & Aaron Foundation is to bring fresh plant based foods to food deserts in the New York City area. Through educating, guiding, and giving, The Lin & Aaron Foundation strives to empower individuals and families to live healthier and happier lives by fundamentally changing their eating habits and encouraging a more whole foods plant based diet.

The Problem

Healthy and fresh foods are hard to find in some neighborhoods, known as “food deserts.”  The majority of food choices in these neighborhoods are unhealthy, non-nutritious, highly processed fast foods. Food deserts are more common in poorer neighborhoods and disproportionately affect African American and Hispanic families. As a result, these individuals are more prone to a number of physical and mental health issues.

What is a Whole Foods Plant Based Diet and What are the Benefits

A whole foods plant based diet is exactly what it sounds like, eating more foods that are natural from the earth and only have one ingredient. Numerous studies have shown that eating a whole foods plant based diet can prevent and even reverse various physical health issues, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer, as well as mental health conditions.

Our Part

5% of the revenue from Family Addiction Specialist will go to The Lin & Aaron Foundation in order to not only bring healthier food options to impoverished communities in New York City but also to provide nutrition education and coaching around the benefits of eating a whole foods plant based diet on mental and physical health. If you are interested in inquiring about how you can help, please contact The Lin & Aaron Foundation by phone or email.

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