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"I had recently divorced my husband of 10 years and was living in a new city with no support system. I had been a SAHM with two small children who now needed to go back to work. Needless to say, I was devasted, bitter, resentful, depressed, and questioning my life’s path. I was introduced to Lin and started a ten week program with her. As someone who has been in therapy before, I can honestly say these were some of the most thought-provoking sessions I have ever had. Lin’s approach is focused and at the same time allows for reflection. She gently guides but is never too forceful; she allows you the space to revisit memories with compassion and empathy. Especially for my circumstance, I appreciated the focus towards healing, self-improvement, and goal setting for living “my best life”. We all have obstacles in life that can challenge us, confuse us, hurt us. We all can use a helping hand from time to time. Lin is a wonderful therapist who I highly recommend for anyone in need of a kind helping hand."

-A.P. (Verified Patient)



"I have spent most of my adult life in therapy and particularly more so after my divorce and the birth of my son. While the majority of my sessions delved into a lot of my childhood pain; I did not have the opportunity to explore further what it looks like beyond the function of living. That work may have been needed, but I never had a chance to explore, what makes me happy or joyful? How do I see myself dating again? What are the fun things that I like to do? As an extremely ambitious person (I went to two Ivy League schools and I have a great job), I never had anyone made me notice besides chasing after my own success, how do I chase my joy. I never made time for dating and always was afraid of getting hurt again. Now, I am chasing my joy because of Lin! 

Since I started my Divorce 2.0 coaching sessions with Lin Anderson, I have the chance to go beyond the regular psychoanalysis of my childhood and divorce pain, and got into the “present” moment with how I want to move forward with my life. 

Lin Anderson’s process is slightly different than other therapists or coaches. She’s a participant-observer-coach. She engages with you with her own storytelling as a way to connect with you. Sharing her own experience as a divorcee with a child and her journey into the dating world, her participant-observer perspective dismantles any fear I had about the dating world. She gives me weekly reflection questions and also doable assignments to help me slowly get myself out into the dating world. During the third week, we looked at my online dating profile and she provided feedback on how I can be more efficient and effective with how I communicate my wants, not just for online dating but to whoever I am interested in. After more clarity on what I wanted in a partner and stating it online, I have been going on dates with wonderful men and I enjoyed all of my dates! I even tried some of the strategies at the bookstores and at the supermarkets! 

After my dates, I always look forward to my weekly coaching session with Lin on how I can cultivate my progress and what I learn about myself and how I can listen to that for my next date. She is an amazing listener and can read in between the lines – be warned you can’t BS with her! She will see right through you!  

While I may not be seeing many of them as my potential life partner, Lin guided me through on how I can get closer to my true self and my desire.  More importantly, on how my vulnerability can be strength and a source for connection. 

I am on week 7 of my dating journey now, and instead of flaking out on dating like before, I am allowing myself time for pleasure by going on awesome dates every week and each time I still remain positive and hopeful that I am closer to meeting my next life partner. Thank you Lin!"

-T.T. (Verified Patient)



"When I started working with Lin and Aaron I had 3 years sober and was perfectly content in my sobriety, however, my addiction crossed over to food.  I would often under-eat during the day and binge at night.  I also had fears about eating certain foods such as carbohydrates and sugar.  Abstinence and the concept of powerlessness worked for me with my alcoholism and drug addiction, so I thought I could apply the same concept to certain foods.  Lin and Aaron helped me realize not only how extremely maladaptive my thoughts were surrounding food, but also made me realize that my food addiction was just like my drug addiction in that I would only binge in secret and enjoyed that aspect of it.  Lin slowly helped me transition to eating more food during the day which helped me to not binge at night, and also helped me realize that I am not powerless over food and can enjoy carbohydrates and even sugar in moderation."

-M.F. (Verified Patient)



“Lin is compassionate, attentive, informative and very engaging. Lin took the time to ask important questions and provided thoughtful feedback and suggestions. Working with her was very instrumental in helping me along my road to recovery, and she is very good at what she does. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking assistance with various approaches to treatment.” 

-J.A. (Verified Patient)



"Lin and Aaron were incredibly supportive of my recovery when I finally decided to seek treatment for my substance abuse problem.  They were able to supply me with the tools I needed to begin living a healthy and sober lifestyle.  Through regular counseling I was able to discover the source of my substance abuse and begin my new life.  At the time of writing this, I am 705 days sober.  Thank you, Lin and Aaron!"

-C.H. (Verified Patient)

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