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When a member of your family is addicted to drugs or alcohol and even when they’re in recovery, the range of emotions and challenges that face the family become overwhelming. Lin Sternlicht, LMHC, MA, EdM, and Aaron Sternlicht, LMHC, CASAC, at Family Addiction Specialist offer Family Coaching, a program that provides the personalized support and guidance family members desperately need. To learn more about the program, call the office in Brooklyn and Manhattan.

Family Coaching and Therapy Q & A


When should I consider Family Coaching?

When one member of the family is addicted, every family member suffers daily anxiety, fears, anger, and frustration. Your life may adapt to the addicted person’s behaviors and demands, while you stop caring for your own needs.

The stress doesn’t end if your loved one with an addiction is in recovery; it simply brings new challenges and stress.

You may struggle with unresolved emotions about issues that occurred while the addict abused drugs or alcohol or partook in addictive behaviors like gambling, food addiction, sex, porn addiction, and electronic addiction. You also need to learn about your role during recovery.

If you struggle to cope with a family member’s addiction or you’re tired of feeling hopeless, it’s time to consider Family Coaching.

What should I expect from Family Coaching?

Family Coaching is individualized to meet each family’s unique needs. You’ll find ways to care for your emotional and physical well-being while learning how to navigate life with your addicted loved one.

Lin and Aaron can help you work through your complex emotions and concerns, navigate transitions, and learn how to hold your addicted family member accountable.  

During Family Coaching, Lin and Aaron focus on issues such as:

  • Education about addiction and recovery
  • Coping strategies
  • Building a support network
  • Stress reduction techniques
  • Self-love and self-care
  • Setting boundaries
  • Working through guilt, shame, and embarrassment
  • Detachment
  • Family roles
  • Relationship dynamics and patterns

Family Coaching is an exceptional program offering personalized attention and support for family members living with addiction. Lin and Aaron work with family members on a monthly basis for those interested in making lasting change, gaining meaningful support, or working through deep issues.

What other services are available during Family Coaching?

As fitness and nutritional specialists, Lin and Aaron support your physical health throughout your coaching. They may help you develop a healthy eating plan or find ways to work activity into your life.

If you struggle with painful feelings or hopelessness, or you need help learning to cope with a loved one’s addiction, Lin and Aaron offer coaching and support — even if your addicted loved one is in treatment elsewhere, is not currently in treatment, or is still abusing their drug or behavior of choice.

To find the support, education, and guidance your family needs to heal, call Family Addiction Specialist or book an appointment online.

Recovery Coaching is available in-person and through phone calls, Skype, and Facetime interactions. If needed, Lin and Aaron will send text reminders and email.

If you’re ready for Recovery Coaching, call Family Addiction Specialists to set up an initial assessment and talk about your goals and recovery needs.

When requested or determined to be more beneficial for the patient, Lin and Aaron also conduct psychotherapy sessions for individuals and families.