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Early recovery is often an extremely challenging and vulnerable time for someone struggling with an addiction. Simply maintaining a career, relationships or attending social functions can be difficult and complicated, making living life free of one’s addiction seem overwhelming and impossible. Life does not stop when one chooses to leave their addiction behind. Many struggling with an addiction or new to recovery would love to put their life on pause so that they can focus on their own wellness, but doing so presents its own set of challenges. While one’s own health and wellbeing must always take priority, it is possible to continue living life in recovery. Lin Sternlicht, LMHC, MA, EdM and Aaron Sternlicht, LMHC, CASAC at Family Addiction Specialist have developed a concierge Therapeutic Recovery Companion program to help people successfully safeguard their recovery while affording them the ability to continue to live a thriving life.

Therapeutic Recovery Companion Q & A


What is a Therapeutic Recovery Companion?

A Therapeutic Recovery Companion (also known as a Recovery Companion, Sober Companion, Sober Transport, or Sober Escort) is a professional who provides intensive support on a long- or short-term bases to an individual new to recovery by accompanying them throughout their day or to and from specific events.  A Therapeutic Recovery Companion is a trained professional who provides safety, stability, and accountability.  They are there to help you through difficulties and situations as they arise and when life becomes overwhelming and helps to guide you through challenging day-to-day responsibilities as you become fully accountable. 

Therapeutic Recovery Companions can help successfully bridge the gap from one’s past life to their newfound recovery.  They may observe certain high-risk behaviors or environments and work with their clients in determining if these are behaviors or environments that the individual may want to work on to avoid.  Furthermore, they can help their clients navigate recovery through holistic methods such as meditation, nutrition, and exercise, or accompany their clients to a recovery support group and help guide them through the ins and outs of recovery.

What should I expect through Family Addiction Specialist’s Therapeutic Recovery Companion services?

Lin and Aaron’s concierge Therapeutic Recovery Companion services are customized to fit the unique needs of the individual with whom they are working with.  Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals provides exclusive services that are highly private and discreet and can be procured on a weekly 24-hour basis or on a daily hourly basis as needed.  Depending on the needs of the client, our Therapeutic Recovery Companions can be as “hands-on” or as “hands-off” as needed.  Some individuals may need more involvement from their Therapeutic Recovery Companion in helping them with their schedule, behaviors, or navigating recovery while others may just want to know that someone is there for them to provide a little extra support when needed.  While a Therapeutic Recovery Companion is not treatment or therapy, Lin & Aaron are both licensed mental health counselors with years of experience working in the addiction field, as well as both have personal experience with addiction recovery, affording them the ability to help their clients better navigate recovery and handle crises situations as they may arise.  Our Therapeutic Recovery Companion team are also either master-level clinicians or trained and certified professionals who always put the client’s safety and confidentiality as the top priority.  Our companions also provide safe transportation in the NYC area via car service and travel with you as needed out of state or out of the country.

What can a Therapeutic Recovery Companion help me with?

  • Most notably, safeguard your recovery, be it from alcohol, drugs, gambling, or any other unwanted substance or behavior
  • Help prepare your living environment as a safe space for recovery
  • Encourage healthy habits including exercise, proper nutrition, and sleep
  • Provide support and solutions for crises situations
  • Highlight concerns for unhealthy behaviors, people or environments
  • Provide companionship to recovery meetings
  • Help develop a positive network for support
  • Provide transport to appointments
  • Help structure and maintain scheduling
  • Assist in developing healthy daily practices that will help prevent relapse
  • Help navigate recovery through education and/or referrals to other professionals
  • Encourage behaviors that will help build confidence and self-esteem
  • Provide legal advocacy through court appearances for alcohol, drug, or other addiction-related criminal charges or domestic disputes
  • Work closely with other professionals such as therapists, psychiatrists, doctors, or nurses to better assist their recovery

Am I a good candidate for Therapeutic Recovery Companion services?

The most vulnerable time for individuals struggling with an addiction is not during their therapy or treatment sessions, but rather is in their day-to-day life on a 24 hours basis.  As such, anyone who wants to safeguard their recovery and improve their chances at long-term recovery is a good candidate for Therapeutic Recovery Companion services.  While these are oftentimes people new to recovery and/or struggling with maintaining abstinence from their addictive substances or behaviors, it can also be for people who have been in recovery for some time but may be going through a challenging time in their life or may find themselves headed into a situation, event or place that they know may compromise their recovery.

Our concierge Therapeutic Recovery Companion services are often acquired by individuals who work high-stress or demanding careers, or individuals who often find themselves in atmospheres that may compromise their recovery.  We also have an adolescent and young adult Therapeutic Recovery Companion track to help keep them accountable and regain trust from their caregivers, while also helping them work towards a career and educational goals.  Therapeutic Recovery Companions also work well for individuals who may be transitioning from an inpatient residential treatment setting (such as from rehab or sober home) back into their “normal” life and/or an individual who is attempting to establish a productive daily routine.  Lin & Aaron and their team always work with their clients in a discreet manner so as not to jeopardize anyone’s confidentiality.

If you’re ready for a Therapeutic Recovery Companion, or interested in learning more, call Family Addiction Specialist at their Brooklyn or Manhattan office to schedule a free phone consultation to determine if you would be a good fit for their companionship services.