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Since one in seven people has a problem with drugs or alcohol, many families know what it’s like to face a crisis due to a loved one’s addiction. Lin Sternlicht, LMHC, MA, EdM, and Aaron Sternlicht, LMHC, CASAC, at Family Addiction Specialist offer specialized Consultation, Crisis Management and Intervention services. No matter what issues you face, whether addiction or mental health, or complications compounded by financial, legal, or family issues, they can help you find solutions with their team of legal, medical, psychiatric, and intervention professionals. When appropriate and necessary, treatment placement, transportation and companionship can be made to trusted and world-renowned alcohol or drug medical detoxification centers, inpatient treatment centers, or sober living homes. To schedule an appointment, call the office in Manhattan or Brooklyn, New York City, New York.

Consultation, Intervention and Emergency Crisis Relief Q & A




When is Consultation, Intervention and Emergency Crisis Relief necessary?

Having a crisis implies extreme stress, difficulty, and trauma — something that families know all too well when a loved one is addicted to alcohol or drugs or struggles with other addictive behaviors such as gambling, food, sex, porn, and electronic addictions.

A family crisis caused by a loved one with addiction could mean:

  • Financial problems
  • Legal troubles
  • Overdose
  • Suicidal behaviors
  • Co-parenting issues
  • Resistance to seeking treatment
  • Child custody or abuse issues
  • Addicted family member on verge of relapse
  • Safety concerns such as driving while intoxicated
  • Medical emergencies or chronic health problems

Lin and Aaron also serve as legal advocates, providing written legal reports and representing their clients in court.

No matter what situation you face, if it’s an emergency or an ongoing problem that has escalated into a crisis, and you don’t know where to turn — call Lin and Aaron. They have extensive knowledge and experience in helping clients deal with a wide range of crisis situations, and they always protect your privacy with confidentiality.

What services are available for Emergency Crisis Relief?

Lin and Aaron assess your situation, problem solve, and guide you and your family toward finding a resolution to your crisis. They offer three broad categories of crisis services:

Consultation and Treatment Placement

The team at Family Addiction Specialist is skilled at identifying root causes of problems and navigating to find the most effective solutions. Consultations involve a thorough assessment of the current situation, needs, personalities, desired outcomes, history, and dynamics of the family, couple, or individual at hand and creating the most effective care plan to help with each respective circumstance.

In some cases, consultations are done with family members who are concerned about their loved one who has an addiction but is resistant to receiving help, while in other cases consultations are done with the addicted individual who is uncertain of what type of treatment they need.

When appropriate and necessary, referrals can be made to trusted and highly regarded medical detoxification centers, inpatient treatment centers, or sober living homes in the New York City area or around the world. In such cases, safe transportation and companionship is available.

Family Coaching and Intervention Services

At Family Addiction Specialist, individual family members can receive coaching that’s customized for their personal situation. The goal is to provide the support and guidance that loved ones of an addicted individual needs, providing practical strategies the family can use to protect their own well-being and navigate the situation while helping their loved one with an addiction.

Individuals who are addicted to drugs, alcohol, digital addictions, or other addictive behaviors are often resistant or ambivalent about seeking treatment. Family members can rely on Lin and Aaron to help plan and implement an intervention to get their addicted loved ones started with the treatment process.

When you plan an intervention with Lin and Aaron you receive pre-intervention assessment and planning with family and friends, facilitation of the intervention itself, as well as post-intervention family coaching sessions to support your emotional needs throughout the process.

Short-term Emergency Crisis Relief

The goal of short-term Crisis Management is to provide immediate assistance for a high-conflict situation. Lin and Aaron come up with solutions privately and quickly, ensuring a smooth transition that resolves the crisis.

They can get you connected with legal and medical referrals fast, as they work with a small and intimate team of medical and legal professionals who can help with your specific concerns.

Their short-term intervention services are available to anyone in the area, including those who are in the area for a short time or while they’re on vacation.

What should families know about dealing with an immediate crisis?

Although ongoing coaching from Lin and Aaron can help you plan for many types of crises, the reality of drug and alcohol addiction is that you may face a sudden physical or mental crisis.

If you or your children are in immediate danger, get out of harm's way. Go to a neighbor or safe place, call 9-1-1, or drive to a preplanned location.

If your addicted family member has a history of turning violent or is taking drugs like methamphetamine, cocaine, or alcohol that can trigger violent outbursts, it’s important to have a plan to protect yourself and your family.

As part of Crisis Management, Lin and Aaron can help you make decisions and create an action plan for dealing with violence and other crisis situations.

If you and your family need Consultation, Crisis Management, or Intervention services, call Family Addiction Specialists at their Manhattan or Brooklyn office today.

What else should I know about crisis management services?

Due to the nature of crisis situations, Lin and Aaron offer virtual appointments as well as home and office visits. Your specialist will arrive at your home, meet with you and/or your family, assess the presenting concerns, and be better equipped to provide the necessary recommendations to navigate the current situation.

For other cases that may not be in need of an immediate virtual or concierge visit, such as a consultation and treatment placement, appointments are held at the Family Addiction private and discreet office in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City.

If you’re in need of navigating your current crisis situation, call Family Addiction Specialist to set up an appointment and talk about your goals and needs.